Case Study

Mighty Red

Breathing life and personality into your brand vision

Here’s Mighty! He’s super sporty and totally streetwise, inquisitive, good-natured, a little bit cheeky and very competitive.

As part of a broad engagement strategy targeting families and young fans, we were invited by Liverpool FC to conceive a mascot character which would become the cornerstone of the Club’s community activity.

Although we were asked to explore a range of characters, we recognised the huge merit in embracing the Club’s liverbird asset and looked to create a distinctive and stylised version of Liverpool’s mythical bird which young fans would relate to.

Over a 6-month period, we conceived, created and developed a digital, animated version of ‘Mighty Red’ for use in marketing, retail, online and digital gaming platforms. As part of the character’s creation, a full brand bible was designed, including a Mighty Red logo signature and a host of character renders, vector art, patterns, backgrounds, scenery and packaging assets were rolled-out to ensure all third parties and licensees used the brand and character consistency and the correctly.

In addition, we managed and created a physical mascot costume for use at PR events and visits within the community. This has provided the Club with a valuable, tangible asset which has already visited a number of schools and hospitals across Merseyside.